Blind N Track Factory Venetian Blinds are a sleek and classical look to dress up your windows. Timeless and simple to operate. Choose from lightweight aluminium finishes to timber and timber-like blinds, we are sure there is a style and look to suit your taste and budget.

Made to measure in the style and finish of your choice. Venetian blinds are simple, yet elegant and are great for controlling light filtration through your house. Reduce glare or capture sunlight with easy to control cord mechanisms.

Our made to measure blinds allow you to control the look and style. Choose from a range of blind widths to control light. Width and height made to your specifications depending on whether you prefer the blind to sit on the outside the window frame, or within the window recess. Cord pull or tilt mechanisms available

With a variety of styles, colours and finishes Venetian Blinds are the timeless classic. Put simply, they are a economical choice that provide a charming and practical solution for your home. Mix them with a curtain covering to add an extra touch and impression.

Allow us to work with you to create a unique and stylishly designed solution to your home decor.

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