A rolling screen highly functional and upmarket

It’s time you choose your screen to make your interior look better.
In recent years, windows and doors in houses are becoming increasingly ornamented with a wide variety of designs. Many of these various designs are found in biparting windows, single swing windows, double hung windows, projected windows, skylights, bay windows, service entrance doors, and verandah doors. This Rolling Screen is intended to match these windows.

Functions and Features of This Rolling Screen(many patents held)

  • Fits compactly in the window frame, thus leaving much room in the window.
  • Fits windows and doors of various sizes and shapes.
  • Comes in three types, according to the purpose.
  • Provides a unique guide system, which closes the opening closely enough to prevent the entry of insects completely.
  • Replaces an insect screen, thus functioning as a heat-insulating and shading facility and as a colourful interior ornament. You can also co-ordinate the colour of the screen with that of the window frame. Thus, This Rolling Screen not only achieves high functions but also gives an upmarket interior look.

Applicable types of windows

• Service entrance door • Single swing door • Biparting window • Double hung window
• Projected window • Skylight