The SHY ZIP® Fastener System screen blind is a highly functional and upmarket rolling screen for internal and external use. Extremely versatile and stylish, it is perfect for any type of window.

Originating from Japan, but re-designed and produced in Australia and released market in 1988, these screen blinds have grown considerably in popularity and demand in recent years. Perfect for the Australian climate and conditions, it’s excellent for providing shade under extreme weather conditions.

Neat and stylish, SHY ZIP® blinds are suitable to install in a multitude of applications and sizes. In fact, over recent years, windows and doors in homes are becoming increasingly ornamented with a wide variety of designs and sizes.  For instance, we have designs such as bi-parting windows, single swing windows, double hung windows, projected windows, skylights, bay windows, service entrance doors, and verandah doors. Shy Zip Rolling Screens are intended to match and fit any style of windows.

Featuring product qualities such as dimming, shading, light control, heat control, insect screens or even as room dividers, these screens provide multiple uses.

Key to the SHY Zip screen is the specially designed zipper ribbon welded to the edges of the blind fabric. Blinds are secured within a side channel, allow the screen to move freely up and down, without being pulled out of the channel. Combine with a base channel to receive and store the blind bar on the closed screen to lock it in place. Without a doubt, and excellent light seal for your windows.

Functions and Features of the SHY Zip Rolling Screen;

  • Fits compactly in the window frame, thus providing a greater light seal.
  • Adapts to fit windows and doors of various sizes and shapes.
  • Provides a unique guide system which enables the window opening to be protected and closed sufficiently enough to prevent the entry of insects completely. Effectively replaces the need for an insect screen.
  • Fully enclosed sliding blinds provide an additional layer of insulation to your home. Air is enclosed and trapped between the window and blind which provides fantastic energy saving benefits.
  • Lowered screens can help reduce noise pollution through the pocket of air between the blind and window. Almost acting like a form of double-glazing to your windows.
  • With strong and secure guide channels, this holds the screen in place and prevents it blowing in the window, providing an excellent wind resistance for outside areas.
  • Acting as a shading facility and as a colourful interior ornament, you can also co-ordinate the colour of the screen with that of the window frame.

Rolling Screens not only achieve high functionality, but also give an upmarket interior look. Available in a range of types of material and finish according to the required purposes.

Applicable types of windows

• Service entrance door

• Single swing door

• Biparting window

• Double hung window

• Projected window

• Skylight

Shy Zip Fastener System screen external