Blind N Track Factory manufacture a huge range of Roman Blinds. With a combination of functional & stylish, Roman Blinds are a practical solution for your home windows.

With a diverse range of styles, designs and colours, compliment any contemporary interior decor. Roman Blinds provide a range of advantages through their use and style. Control the amount of light in your home and help regulate the temperature of rooms.

Plus, with the choice of curtain-like fabrics they can soften the look of the room, while having the functionality to raise and create a true, open environment. Feel the flow through the room and outside.

As a guide, you will find our;

  • Blockout Blinds provide complete privacy and harmful, unwanted sunrays and light.
  • Light Filtering Blinds will let the light through to keep your room bright, while eliminating annoying glare
  • Sunscreen Blinds allow natural light to shine through, but with the added benefit of blocking out harmful UV rays. Retain your view while softening the light.

Depending on what suits your needs, Blind n Track Factory can offer you;

  • Wide range & choice of stunning colours, textures and styles
  • Cord lock or chain drive blinds
  • Blinds that will hang down flat, but fold up neatly and unobtrusively when raised up

Best of all , the Roman Blind Pacchetto 441 headrail system ensures simple and unobtrusive installation and smooth operation.

Allow us to work with you to create a unique and stylishly designed solution to your home decor.  Make a start today! For a no obligation measure and quote – Click Here to Contact Us!